Sunday, June 21, 2009


Morning, world! It's a workday for me today because yesterday was spontaneous dress-making day. I'm working quite a lot at the moment, three contracted books, two that I'm getting ready to present, and some more on the back burner - I'm thinking about those sometimes when I'm having lunch or walking along somewhere, or when I'm waiting to fall asleep. There's enough work to be thinking about and getting on with constantly, anyway. At the moment I'm working weekdays on contracted stuff and week-ends on other things I want to do... and sometimes I have to take a day out to make something completely else, to clear my mind, else I start having nightmares of paper universes.

I'm very glad that my mum is helping me out with getting materials for the sock monkey workshops now (I couldn't find scissors that were both reasonably sharp and reasonably child-safe), and so is An, who I lead workshops with in Belgium earlier this year - she is kindly sending me some packs of needles, because there's a shop in Antwerpen that sells just the right sort.
My dad is advising me on photographic equipment for animations, and Alexia, whose text I'll be working on illustrating today, sent me loads and loads of pictures for reference so I don't have to spend half the day researching. I can just get straight to work. And thank God for editors and art directors and designers, for the Proper Work Stuff.
I think having people around who are excited about what I'm doing and who send me things to help with it is just about my favourite thing in the world. Unsurprisingly. I've got quite a big artistic ego, happily it's got the mind-set of a friendly puppy dog, just wants lots of treats and attention and generally be in a world of fun and food. Except for when I'm writing, then it's more like a moody Rottweiler. If I were a novelist I'd need a writing shed, just to keep the rest of the world safe.

Anyway, I got pirates to draw, have a lovely Sunday.

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