Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It's morning! I got flatmate to make me some coffee, and then went and bought Photoshop while I still felt comfortably numb. Now I am waking up. Brrr.
I think now I have everything I need for work... I'd decided to upgrade when some royalties came in recently, from hand-me-down Linux computer running Gimp and working in my bedroom to Mac and Photoshop and a real studio... I feel like a different person, it's very strange.
I'm kind of glad it's the end of spending, for now, no more computers, printers or pieces of furniture arriving suddenly in the post...

My flatmate, on the other hand, is still getting exciting parcels from all over the world, I note.

Parcel from China

Oh, one new thing I got was new glasses... that is, I had my old ones re-glassed, and when I walked out of the shop I noticed this street sign.


I also noticed that trees have leaves and people have hairs.


Jessie said...

Do they? I really must get out too! I'm jealous of your new computery stuff, mine seems to be slowly wasting away...

Swati said...

Have fun with photoshop - it can be addictive though :)