Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I had the best weekend ever.
Oslo was sunny, apparently it was warmer than it had been since some time in the eighties. It was so hot that the ash tray on the balcony spontaneously lit and smoked itself.

We went to parks and climbed a tree.
tree climbing

tree climbing
I liked the statues a lot.
I stayed in a beautiful house. - Even the cat was stylish - her favourite toy was a plastic lemon.
stylish cat
I got searched at customs in Oslo airport. They pounced on the baking powder and tea leaves. I showed them the clotted cream and the jam, and explained that all together it would make cream tea. They frowned a while and let me go.
ceam tea in oslo
We baked scones and I made a pot of Assam as properly as I could, and we had cream tea at midnight when the sky was turquoise.
Even when the night was darkest you could still read. This bench says:
wisdom bench
"Nothing is stronger than this person who survived a loneliness". I think.
I bought brown cheese, and wild strawberry jam, and salted licorice.
We went to a forest lake and fed an apple to the ducks. They liked it. In Norway, even the ducks are wholesome.
We also took a boat to an island in the fjord and went swimming. Now I'm back home, with treasure:
red cup
A pretty red cup to keep food in...
And a Hatifattener mug.
Hatifattereners and tomatoes
When I got back home, there was a tiny crop of balcony tomatoes the size of peas.
Moomin Reading
And now I shall look at the Moomin collection I bought on my new special Moomin Mama reading pillow.

Oh, and: Norwegian strawberries might well be the best in the world.

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Fr√łydis said...

Yay! :) I wrote a post too, but it's in Norwegian and without photos, so yours is much better. (And I think the bench said "strongerer" and "loonleyness" haha)