Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mousewarming presents and blank books

I thought I'd have a lie-in today, after feeding the cats of course, because I felt very tired. So I went back to bed for a bit. The cats were kind of surprised and tried to entertain me, first by batting me on the nose and then by bringing a live mouse for everyone to play with.
Right then I heard the rubbish van arrive, which reminded me I'd forgotten to put the bin out. I grabbed the keys, ran out (in my pyjamas again) and the binman who was getting the bin out himself looked at me and said 'you ok there?'. I said 'Hello! Yes, all fine!' and turned to go back inside, at which point I noticed the house key had fallen off the fob when I grabbed it out of my handbag.

Anyway, whatever, I'm at home drinking coffee now and shall go out to Dulwich later, sign some books, drink some chai and then come back here and work on the script, which is due in six weeks I believe. Yesterday they gave me a blank dummy book to use however I like, just like the real book will be but all white shiny pages... I could not put it down for ages, I can't believe I get to fill all that space!!! Hurrah!


heidiball said...

Hi Viviane,
Good luck with the cat sitting, it is a very important responsibility!! I know my cats go clawing/meowing mental if I don't get up by 7:30am on the dot = breakfast time. Also reminded me of the Simon's Cat animations (bless the little beastie!):
Regards, Heidi (UCF part-timer).
PS, I was honoured enough last week to be given a live mouse present, that unfortunately escaped under the kitchen cabinets... suppose its still there? In the present stakes, I would have preferred chocolate!

Swati said...

Oh-oh, does this mean you were locked out again? Or did I just read too quickly and miss something?