Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life drawing, cookies, and Photoshop At Last...

Yesterday Sarah, Gary and Dave came around for a life drawing session - well, we had cookies and cake and took turns sitting reasonably still and drawing each other. I could really tell how that is something I should do a lot more of, to remind myself how human beings are put together, at least approximately.
Have a look at Sarah's blog for photos... she drew a rather picture of me, I'm very pleased (my friend Kris said it looks a bit like a self portrait of Leonardo Di Caprio, haha) it's nice to see a drawing of me being happy, I think I only have wistful ones otherwise. It's because I enjoyed being allowed to ramble on about international potato dishes while posing.

Here's a drawing I did of Sarah - I coloured it in the evening to try out my brand-new copy of photoshop, went a bit mad on the digital chalk, just because it's been aaaages since I was last able to use decent digital brushes that understand my graphics tablet.
I cheated and fixed the nose which I drew HUGE, I wish I left it huge, actually, because it looked rather funny before, and now it looks a bit strange... ah well. It was just an excuse to try out what the "Liquify" filter does these days.
The wallpaper is a leftover I found in my files from a picture book I did years ago.

And now I shall draw some pirates. My friend Alexia wrote a brilliant pirate story which I rather want to make pictures for. It's not what I'm supposed to be working on, but it's the weekend, so: pah.

UPDATE: haaaa lovely drawing report from David O'Connell!

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