Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good News Everyone!

Yesterday I got a whole bunch of good news and nice things.
First I got an mail from Iowa (if I read the postcode right) with pictures of a clever girl called Amelia and her cat Moonpie. Here they are reading Shark and Lobster, and making mental notes about questions to ask which I shall reply to in a minute before running off to work. They are very good questions.

I am quite impressed actually that Amelia recognised Moonpie is a black-and-white cat in real life. I sometimes get told for Moonpie's blue-ness by children, and the pointy long ears.

She is planning to make picture books. I like what shes doing so far!

And the other good news:
I went to view a studio with Sarah and Gary, and we took it right away. Hooray! Dream come true! I always wanted to share a studio with comic artists!
It's in an old police station which has been converted into art space. Not architecturally converted, by the looks of it most of the conversion was done by means of all the policemen leaving the place, and all the furniture being put into the room that will be our studio soon (hmmm... ah well, that'll go). There's a big back yard (with stables) for either parties or quiet cups of tea, a gallery, performance spaces, and a cell block so we can lock each other in before deadlines.
I'll report more on it closer to the time! Won't be moving in until August...

Great happiness and joy all around!


Sarah said...

Whoo hoo!

Yeah, that furniture storage stuff has got to go. At least we know we can get a sofa in there!

Dave Shelton said...

Hurrah! Can I come and see you all (and bring cheesecake) once you're settled in?

Swati said...

Good news :) Here is to future drawings!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hurrah! Of course you can come and bring cheesecake!! You can even come and not bring cheesecake (not that I want to encourage not bringing cheesecake...)

And yes, to future drawings, cheers! :)

Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Inspiring the next generation AND a new dream studio!! Christmas in June!