Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cream Tea and Almost Happy Feet

Today Matthew invited me for cream tea... he'd made some jam and bakes some scones, and we sat out among the potted plants and were happy.
perfect scones and perfect jam
I had to take the bus because the rail connection is switched off again for maintenance, as every Sunday, it seems... there was a street party at Battersea, so I jumped off the bus there and bought some artichokes at the French stall and ate them straight away.
tomato plant on the bus
Matthew gave me some tomato plants, too... and I bought summer shoes, which are my size, and soft, and red, and lovely (all things I like best in a shoe) and I still ended up taking them off and walking back home barefoot as always. I wonder why the shoe industry seems to be completely unaware of the actual number of toes on the human foor. It's FIVE. Not three and a half. And they point straight ahead, not inwards as you seem to assume. - Anyway, I have hopes for this pair, very soft leather, might be able to wear them in.


Russet said...

Gosh I love your shoes....the red is divine and the sewn leaves with peeping at your toes....I dream about shoes like those, wonderful wonderful... enjoy they look a treat.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hurrah! They are pretty, aren't they... I've wanted shoes like these for ages! I hope they'll get a tiny bit wider.

Swati said...

Those shoes are lovely; hope they loosen up some. I must be hungry, because looking at the scones I want some as well!