Thursday, June 11, 2009


Just did some script writing. Hurrah! I wasn't sure I would.
Work is a bit confusing at the moment. I'm not used to having all these brilliant computer programs to work with...
I used to think I was quite good at Photoshop, years ago, but my, things have changed. The main thing that has changed is that now I have seen some people be Really Good at Photoshop and realised that while I can make things look good, my files are badly put together. Am planning to Actually Get Good at Photoshop now.
Also the last version I used was... eh... something before CS1.

Similarly, I am using a baffling program for writing... Celtx, which allows me to write in parallel the actual formatted comic script, a master catalogue of all my characters, props and whatnots, complete with reference pictures and background info, and a bunch of other stuff I find useful. Today I added a text file just for ramblings. I kept having to stop myself from rambling why I was writing, which held me up, so instead I just put all the ramblings into a separate file.
And all this stuff is neatly packed away into one Celtx file. Hooray!

The downside is that it keeps happening that I look up from the computer and find I can't quite remember the day. Yesterday I finished my picture, and realised I had no idea where my flatmate was, although I remembered him standing beside my table in a coat with a backpack on his back, his mouth moving, he was definitely saying something about going somewhere, and it was definitely at some point in the day, but that was all I knew. I was glad when he re-appeared. He could have gone out camping for a week for all I knew... huh...

Anyway! Thank you to everyone who commented on the cat video, and passed on the link and embedded it and generally watched it and liked it, hurrah, I am so pleased! :)

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