Saturday, May 9, 2009

Talks and Goodies

So! I went to CILIP yesterday and did a short talk and signing. Lovely people. I was particularly impressed with Jan Fearnley's talk (she had knitted toys as well, hooray).
I had a bit of a fight with the remote control at my presentation, and managed to muddle up my English in unfortunate ways (especially saying "It's fun at this point when the children cry" - completely wrong message!!! "Shout" was the word I was looking for), but all in all I hope people enjoyed it.

Then I went to the Paperchase Mothership around the corner and bought a protective pencil carrying case for my tinted charcoals (which always shatter)...

New Pencilcase

...and when I got back home, my new moo business cards had arrived. Hooray!

New Moos

I think I can do with a quiet weekend, no computer fixing, no staying up late, just some nice food and maybe potting out some tomato plants on the balcony.

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