Friday, May 8, 2009

New Plans

No pictures! Ever! I am sorry. This will change soon. Next week my mac will be delivered, and there shall be ARTWORK. Just you wait.

Today I'm going out to the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals to read them a picture book and talk about it and show them some of the bundles of odd scraps that picture books may rise from. I got the book on a memory stick, and I shall drink down this here coffee and then find a plastic bag for the show-and-tell items because it's raining...

This morning Alexis and I talked through the "universe" of the graphic novel I'm working on. The rules of the world outside the actual story I am writing, in case of sequels, and also because one needs to work these things out sometimes. I'm glad I kept notes of my various epiphanies over the last few months. And I am glad he agreed it all made sense! I know it does, I'm just not sure I got it all in the right order yet.

Also... when I was sitting on a shrubbery bench (it wasn't quite a park bench) yesterday I realised that I have another graphic novel story in my head. That is, the novel I started writing in November really should be a graphic novel. That would solve most of the problems I'm having with it. - Wouldn't that be something?


VictoriaMia said...

A shrubbery!

ok, now that that's out of my system, it's great that you're defining the rules of your universe, as it um, expands. Part of what makes me fall in love with a good story is the sense that there's a whole world in there.

I've had some narrative problems for certain stories or anecdotes, and suspect that the images I'm trying to translate from my head might do better in graphic novel form. We shall see...

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hah yes, this one needs a whole world,w hich is a nice surprise because I didn't think it would. It's such fun!

With the image traslations: yes same here. Well my problem is that the story is about animals (in a Watership Down sort of way) and the way I write seems to go with descriptions of what people do while they are talking (or not talking), and with animals it becomes really narrowed down. I just don't want to write "bristled his fur" too often or whether their ears go up or down. So... a comic seems ideal :)