Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eyes, organic and otherwise

I've set up my desk-cam!

Well, not really, um, not really very well yet let's say. And there's nothing going on on my desk today. Except flatmate has been to the Japan Center again and will be cooking with sesame flavoured bean jelly, I predict from this.
But anyway, I shall straighten this out and then get some time-lapse animations going for your entertainment, when I'm actually doing something interesting next.

This morning I had my eyes examined because I keep being unable to see properly - the middle of my vision likes to turn into one seething pool of white light blotting out people's faces, or whatever else I'm trying to look at, drawings and books and such. And when that's not going on, people keep having weird halos around them, making them look far too spiritual for my taste.
So I had three different sorts of stuff dripped into my eyes and after staring at me for a long time through a microscope the optician announced that all is well. I just need to stop spending hours looking at computer screens.

So now I keep looking out of the window blankly, wishing I could script this comic without blinding myself temporarily... it's very weird that the most adventurous fun thing I can think of is done sitting down staring at a screen for hours. Hm.

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Swati said...

The news about your vision in alarming. I expect your ophthalmologist has really examined you thoroughly before pronouncing you fit, but please do watch out, and don't hesitate to get a second opinion should the symptoms continue.