Monday, May 25, 2009

Drawing people, past and present

Today I'll practise drawing people. I badly need to, because there will be some people featured in my comic... and drawing people is one of the things that I feel least confident about in my job. It's rather scary actually.
So I made a plan... I'll draw a practise comic for myself featuring actual humans. I'll use a simple grid and draw it as quickly as I can because it can't interfere with all the work I have to do already. - But before that I need to work out how I actually do draw people, ideally and when it's working out I mean. I am not quite sure. So I dug up my box of college sketchbooks from underneath the guest bedding in the wardrobe and found my visual studies notes from the second year BA illustration. Mostly scraps and samples of other people's work with Too Many Notes, but also some of my own drawings.

I like looking at those blind drawings because they make me feel like somewhere in my head there is some actual information on how to draw stuff from observation. In fact, the second blind drawing to me is the Single Most Awesome Thing I Ever Drew. I remember looking at the paper after very honestly drawing blindly for nine minutes and thinking I'd gone mad. I jotted down a quick "map" of what's in the picture underneath, so you can decode it. - I've never managed to do anything like that before or since, it's a total fluke. I mean... it's got four discernible people in, and I can even recognise who they are! Huh.

Anyway! I'll get some pens and paper together, and some biscuits and tea, and I'll try and find a good way of drawing people quickly in a way that goes with the sort of stories I want to tell.

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