Sunday, May 17, 2009


Aah. Good morning, world!
I feel so much better! In fact, I shall do brilliant things today, I am rather sure. Still a bit wobbly, slightly deaf and can't smell a thing, but! I can walk in a straight line.

Yesterday I did some surprise designy work, very small scale, but I am pleased... turned some type into an animal shape for a friend's very worthy website (hope it goes up soon so I can show you).
And for the first time since starting to write the new "Sleepwalkers" script I got the hang of the software AND the story at the same time, and in fact I could hear the theme tune while I was writing, and I didn't even know it had a theme tune. It's going to be so brilliant!!! No, honestly! The whole thing! It'll be completely awesome, I tell you! Aweplenty!

Hm, also I'm having fun moving furniture about and clearing my desk for the new computer which is supposedly arriving tomorrow. Hooray! Am writing this from a side table, in fact, where the old computer is set up, and will be until I'm sure I've moved all my files and settings across. I think I shall clear and dust and polish the desk.

Boringly: I'm having email trouble. My mail looks like spam to spam filters because I can't send it from my own SMTP server. My host tells me there's nothing that can be done and I should switch ISPs. - No way! Somehow I am not at all inspired to sort this out, it's simply too boring.

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