Friday, April 24, 2009

Viv's holidaying in the real world!

Hello there!

If you're not reading as much from me as usual it's just because I am making myself stay away from the computer for a while (except for absolutely necessary work, and email). A bit like cutting out dairy.
It's just that I noticed the ideas I wake up with and want to implement at the moment have shifted from writing the next scene in a novel or making a new animal from socks to replacing all the system noises on the computer with Holly from Red Dwarf. Which is VERY frustrating considering I have a whole list of great projects on at the moment, comics and videos and novels and, yeah, some paid work, too!

So here's a quick non-exhaustive list of stuff I've done meanwhile:
- realised I used to walk everywhere and started doing so again. Which means I now walk past vegetable shops on the way home from work. Which means I could do casual grocery shopping. Which means I cooked some real food. Which made me go "a-ha" and cancel my pool membership, which is supposed to keep me exercised, because to be fair one rarely swims past useful shops.
- tried again to teach myself to breathe properly, keep my head up and suck my stomach in when walking about. Walking about is very useful, I wonder when I forgot.
- drew a lot of hamsters. I mean, A LOT OF HAMSTERS.

Here are some hamsters. They are method-acting for a scene in a book & really giving it some welly.

If you don't hear from me, I am drawing hamsters, most likely, or walking about. Send me a mail if you miss me... Internet holiday! Whee! Meeting real people for coffee! SItting on the grass eating actual food! Whoo hoo!

I'll be back.


Jessie Lilac said...

It's great isn't it...real life? I discovered it this morning, venturing out to a life drawing session. Thing is I've missed all the blog posts and twitters ;) - I like your hamsters btw!

Swati said...

Oh I love those hamsters!