Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some More Old Words

Today I dug out my book of poems and lyrics... two of them, actually. Now I'm transferring all the ones that I typed on the computer over the years into them by hand, because I might want them in a few year's time and then who knows what will have happened to the files... and also copying them by hand helps me think about what best to do with them.

Above are two poems from 2004 and 2005. I blogged both of them at the time I think, but the blog got eaten by hackers and re-started since. - I rather like them, they remind me of how I felt at the time but still make me laugh. I think that was the point, actually. Not many things are as funny as being sad, oddly, as long as you're allowed to be sad at the same time.


Joe Sutphin said...

V, that first one is so fantastic! it makes me want to illustrate it. how terrifically inspiring.
have you ever thought of doing an obscure chidrens book with poems and short stories such as this first one? even if they were all themed with strange things along the countryside?

i just love it. great mental imagery!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Thank you! Ha, feel free to illustrate and send me the picture :) I'd like to see that!

I have thought about making a collection of sorts and just photocopy it as booklets... only it's not the sort of thing I am sure how to illustrate, my verse brain and picture brain are quite separate.

Fr√łydis said...

Oh, what lovely poems! :)