Friday, April 10, 2009

Researching Characters

I've been working on the comic this morning... right now I'm sorting out the characters.
Sometimes I know what someone is like straight away. Sometimes I don't at all. Mostly it changes when I'm writing.
In this book I know that there will be a number of heroes, and I am developing each one until I really love them. - Yesterday I noticed I was thinking of all the people I've known and liked in my life, and I started sorting through my box of photos to remind me of them... I was thinking of things I liked about each person especially much, and if someone in the story could be like that. It made me feel rather nice, actually.
I'm also collecting other sorts of reference, pictures and memories... my pin-board looks fun at the moment, here's a bit of it.

I'm very pleased with the bear, that picture was the last bit I needed to imagine one of the characters.
The other pictures happen to be: one from a fun afternoon dressing up as various wrestlers (here the Ultimate Warrior, I can only recommend dressing up as him and crashing through the flat every now and then) and one of my friend Inga Kristin making a film on the tube. Both actually relevant to the story.

I like the way that I seem to have things to say in this book that I have been thinking about a lot over the years without realising, and now they are kind of ready to be said. I wonder how much of that will come through in the finished book. Hopefully it won't be noticeable, but just fun.

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