Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Girly Day

It's sunny today! It is!
So I got my coffee from the cafe next door, and this time I asked them about it (noticing that it has chunks of coffee bean floating in it) and they said, yes, I do get the freshly ground special nice coffee for special guests and yes, it is specially strong. Ah.
So I managed to drink the whole cup, which is a first, and I laughed at today's Nemi cartoon in the free paper. Whatever the quality of the rest of that paper - I've become fond of Nemi over the years.
nemi april 1
Then I burst out of the cafe, fuelled by near-critical levels of caffeine, and decided that I might as well turn some of my lecturing money into shoes.
Shoes, shoes... mm... I hate shoes, you know. I love not wearing them. But every year there comes a day (and normally it's about a day before my fabulous tall beautiful stylish friend Inga Kristin visits in the Spring) when I realise that a) I have Hobbit legs and b) high heeled shoes aren't technically shoes. They are heels.
Then I buy them and wear them twice and then I give them to Charity.
So... time to shave all the bobbly bits off my socks. Boot season is officially over!

Oooh and Inga Kristin is visiting tomorrow, I just remembered, hope we can go to the park and have a pic-nic...


Russet said...

God I love reading your blog first thing in the morning, while still in pyjamas and wearing bare feet.
I love your literary language, so visual and descriptive.
I'm thoroughly cheered up, chuckling and then enthused about my day. Thank you.....

Russet said...

PS love your heels, red tights and green shirt..delish

Viviane Schwarz said...

What a convenient difference of time zones in that case :)
Thank you! Am glad to be of cheer!

Swati said...

I just can't understand the concept of subjecting feet to agony by wearing high heels for the sake of 'fashion', or whatever. It is just not good for the feet or the spine, or for my well-being! Comfortable wear for me, thank you! The maximum heels I have ever worn were an inch :)

Viviane Schwarz said...

You speak the truth! I got particularly happy feet from walking barefoot a lot, so I hope they understand I'm just having a laugh... don't worry, this never lasts.

Sarah said...

Ha ha... I know what you mean about heels! I bought some gorgeous ones in a charity shop a couple weeks ago, thinking I could break my feet into them. But of course, that is the silliest idea ever, they will probably only ever get worn in front of my mirror.