Monday, April 27, 2009

Comics Workshop

Here's a lovely report from the Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival by Candy Gourlay - mostly about the utterly brilliant comics workshops. Check out how convincingly I am pretending to be on the DFC!
And the comic with the two guys in the woods has one panel by me. You can probably tell which one. I got to read it out loud, which was fun actually.
I do remember those kids actually, they were rather brilliant I thought. They already look like comic artists. Hope they'll all keep drawing!

I should have blogged about this myself, really, but I neglected to take any pictures... I laughed so much at this workshop I had to go and hit my head on the wall at some point, which I didn't think people actually do.

Oh... and here's David O' Connell's post about it.
And here is Alex Milway's.
Gosh, this one well-documented event! I'd have scratched my nose less if I'd noticed the density of cameras.

Yes, I was wearing my Yak T-shirt. Yaks yaks yaks.

Aaah and just as I am writing this, another post comes through from Sarah - and that one features lots of shorts of the little red book with ALSO cats in, so go and look, quick!!!


Emsie said...

It was great meeting you!! ^__^

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yay :) You too!