Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What was I doing a minute ago? Hang on...

I don't know what your diary looks like. My diary looks like this.


This is one of the more organised weeks this year, so far.
I'm glad that I have a desk away from home now to go to and paint cats. Sometimes I think I need to have a separate desk in a separate house for every project I'm doing.


Boring Event Of The Day:
I deleted whatever section that boots up the CD drive on the laptop I'm trying to fix.


Swati said...

Have read just the top two posts yet, and am curious - very - to know more about you. 400 holes = 200 ducks. What??? VERY important lecture: what could it be? Separate desk for each project in separate houses; how lucky! And how many would you have, how, where? Sock monkeys, paint cats, books (this much I know for I followed some link to your books to your site), what else? You are a good writer indeed to generate so much curiosity in such few posts!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hello! :)

I am very lazy about tagging and back-linking my posts, else it would all be less mysterious.

200 ducks = one week of workshops with children in Belgium in April to go with an exhibition based on the book "Duck, Death and Tulip" by Wolf Erlbruch.

I wish I had separate desks for everything, but I only have two - one at home and one at work, but I could do with four! I often visit friends to work at their place if I need to concentrate, though.

I'd have to think a bit to keep track of all the projects... there's a novelty book, two picture books to illustrate, a graphic novel, a shorter comic, some knitting projects, a novel, assorted workshops making sock-animals and inbetween I fix old laptops because I find it soothing to the mind... I think there's stuff missing on that list.

Swati said...

Few things missing on the list? Oh well, this will do to impress me with :D