Monday, March 30, 2009


So I had a well-deserved holiday from sanity, caused by a combination of realising that I've delivered the artwork for one book and can start the next, and some sunshine. I tap-danced through the landlady's flat while doing five loads of laundry. I tried on my secret pair of high-heeled shoes and designated all my plain brown t-shirts to charity. I practised the double bass until my hands hurt, and hung my peculiar floaty pink Jane Austen dress on the wall to remind me it's almost picnic season. I made plans for an animated music video and found a video camera to motion-capture it with, but not the right cable.
Then I projected some scenes from films huge onto the kitchen wall until I realised that I was really, really hungry and had not bought any food.

So I slept until ten thirty this morning, and when I've finished yawning I'll go to the shops, and the bank, and the post office, and the park, and there I'll curl up for a while I believe.

Boring Event Of The Day: I gave in and started buying mp3s from Amazon.


Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

High heeled shoes? I'm impressed! I own some...can't walk in them though. Fred laughs because when I wear them he has to drive up after whatever event we have been at and pick me up from wherever we are because I can't hobble out to the car....

Viviane Schwarz said...

Well, I only have that one pair, they are more like dancing shoes, plain black & well-fitted. I can only walk in them because I had years of tap-dancing lessons, long ago... I've never worn them to anything yet.

Hah that is very sweet :) Does he carry you out to the car?