Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So... today I shall attempt to cross-hatch a picture. But before that, I'll try and dye my favourite dress. It's quite scary, because I've had it for well over a decade and I've worn it so much that it's bleached out and very thin by now. It kind of disappears in daylight.

I saw it in a shop, on the "damaged" rail, back in Germany, and wanted it instantly because it was the prettiest shade of green... I spent the whole afternoon trying to sew the torn-out zip back in until my mother took a pity and fixed it for me, and she fixed it so well that it gave me super-powers. It really did.

Sometimes you can still tell how good and green it used to be, but most of the time you can just see straight through it. It's like the ghost of a dress.

So now I have to dye it carefully, and I do hope it will come out a similar shade of green as it once was... I'm a bit worried that it will stop being My Green Dress in the process, and just become any old green dress. - Encouragingly, they only had one pack of fabric dye in the shop, and it was lime green.
Then I might line it, and then I'll put in a strip of Japanese fabric, red with white frogs on it, because I'm not quite the same shape any more.

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