Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dream Diary

Last night I remembered my dream diary... it's odd that I forget about it for years on end, seeing that it's always next to the bed,just in case.
I started reading it and found that I could not remember any of the dreams in it... I'm quite sure I've done that before.
Here's the end of a long one all about things going wrong in school:

Anyway, now that I've started scripting my dream-themed graphic novel I think I'll re-read the whole lot and see if it's useful.
And I'll also start writing them down again. Here's last night:

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Knife and Spoon said...

That's a beautiful dream. It reminds me of Amaryllis Night and Day by Russell Hoban, which opens with a man dreaming of catching a bus at night, and the bus is about six storeys high and made out of paper and lit from within...