Monday, March 16, 2009

Brief Forum Report

Hello world! I am back from Cornwall, where amazingly I didn't come across any WiFi hotspots.

I am alive! I did my big talk on "The convergence of Literature, Illustration and design" (in reality about what I've been up to in the last few years) alongside Audrey Niffennegger, Sara Fanelli, John Vernon Lord and Dr Leo DeFreitas, and I did not die. I showed two books in progress and read "There are Cats in this Book" from one end to the other with comments on the design. Apparently I did fine, and I do remember a little of what I said, so that's good. And as usual, even though I was dead serious people laughed a lot. I'll never understand that, but I am glad because at least they are enjoying themselves... quite a few of them said afterwards "I especially liked the funny voices", which is odd because I don't think I did any.

So I got to stay in a nice hotel overlooking Falmouth Bay, with all the illustration celebs there as well, and they were all lovely. And now I have a signed Audrey Niffenegger book, and one by Sara Fanelli - she drew a camel in the front, by request. When she looked at me and said "What shall I draw? Anything!" I suddenly felt six years old again and back then camels were my favourite animals, so I said "A camel, please!!!" before I knew it. I was quite surprised actually. So was she, and she drew it with extra many legs, which was generous. She's very nice.
I bored everyone at every breakfast by going on about Morgawr, the sea monster rarely sighted in Falmouth bay, who isn't famous enough these days I think. I just felt it was very important that everyone knew there was supposed to be a giant monster out there, not just little sailing boats, seeing that the bay was taking up most of the view from the hotel.

After the forum I staid for an extra day just so I could go to Swanpool beach, have solitary lunch at the little restaurant on the cliffs there and then collapse on the pebbles and listen to the sea. I also listened to a couple of teenagers walking past saying "Isn't it just mad how the beach keeps getting longer and shorter?" Which made me break out into spontaneous sleep-deprived cackling. Then I ambled through town and almost got run over by a sudden burst of Morris Dancers.
And now I'm back... the train journey was long but I had my beloved eeepc with me, so I could listen to the Twin peaks soundtrack and write some of the script for my graphic novel.

Anyway, no pictures as yet, will post if I get any.
Late breakfast now, tra la!


alexia said...

Not amazing no WiFi. Cornwall, remember?
I too find it frustrating when I am being serious and people laugh. Bad enough from the viewing public, even more annoying from boyfriend.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yep, am researching what mobile top-up WiFi would work best with my laptop.

Laughing boyfriend would drive me bonkers! Laughing public I am quite happy with, much better than silent in that case! It's just surprising...

Dave Shelton said...

What I normally say is: I don't care if they're laughing at me or with me, so long as they're laughing.

And John Vernon Lord is a wonderful man. He taught on the MA I did in Brighton back in the day and I wish I'd been greedier about getting time with and advice from him.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yes JVL was brilliant. I want to get him to give me a reading list :)

Ben said...

Congrats on the talk! I'm very jealous on the Niffenegger thing. Sounds like a cool event.

Oh, and the Twin Peaks soundtrack is excellent. Have you heard the Fire Walk With Me sndtrk? Also genius.

Eric Orchard said...

re:"the funny voices" hilarious!

And a very big congratulations!

Little Creatures said...

well done! So nice to read too!

Viviane Schwarz said...

:) Thank you Davide!

Sarah said...

Wow, that's a great lineup! I met John Vernon Lord a few months ago, which was great because my tutor at art college was always going on about him. And I've read 'The Time Traveller's Wife' three times and get all pathetic at the end each time. I saw her give a talk with Neil Gaiman, she seemed really interesting, if not totally used to dealing with huge groups of people all looking at her.

Sounds like you did a fab job, I wish I'd been there! :-)

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hi Sarah! - Yes it was a good event! Audrey was very funny I thought, the equipment kept malfunctioning at her but she subdued it and showed loads of great things.