Saturday, March 28, 2009


For some reason I felt like looking up the area where I grew up on the internet. I've been away for over a decade now. Anyway... I found many beautiful sentences on the tourism sites, like these:

The Sauerland is the land of 1,000 hills. And it is the land of water. The visitor will come across it everywhere here.

Hikers, nature-lovers, recreational sportsmen and women - all get their money's worth in the Sauerland.

Here, agriculture is a natural leisure pursuit adapted to satisfy the wishes of the very smallest.

Anyone looking for the ultimate kick, should take a trip in the taxi bobsled down the ice canal of the bob track in Winterberg.

(if this got you excited, read more here)
But, but, but, THEY ARE GOING TO RE-INTRODUCE THE WISENT! AKA European Bison. And now excuse me while I run up and down the stairs for a while because I'm so excited.

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