Saturday, February 21, 2009

Surprises, good and bad, all artistic though

Today I went to Antwerpen and saw one of the most beautiful train stations of the world, then I went to a performance by Silvie Moors, which was beautiful, and then to my utter amazement I realised my ticket was also good for a reading of Toon Tellegen - who is one of my favourite authors ever! I couldn't believe it! - It was a reading with jazz ensemble accompaniement, so I bought the CD and had it signed... eeeeeeep! :)
I also went to a bookshop to look for my book, and I found it! The first time I found my own book abroad in a shop!
After that I saw a play I didn't like, which made me so cross that I couldn't think one nice thought until I got back to the hotel. Ooof, I disliked it so much... I really really really get wound up by performances I don't like. I don't know how a play could be so bad that I could forget that I found my own book in a shop in Belgium and that I had a signed CD of Toon Tellegen reading beautiful stories with great Jazz music. I must be a fool.
But now that I am back, I am happy. Comfy bed... and tomorrow it's family day at the exhibition and apparently I'll be making sock monkeys with 90 people. I better get some sleep...

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