Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Night Terrors

Good morning world! I am back in London. Adjusting to the fact that I have run out of friendly Belgians to bring me coffee, I crawled out of bed just before lunch to make my own after the second night in a row of very weird dreams... everyone in the flat has been dreaming weirdly. The night before last, my friend Kris (who was visiting) and I both woke up to find we couldn't move, and we were convinced that we saw shapes floating above out heads... only in my case they formed into a big half-finished sock monkey with threads dangling from it.
Last night, I frightened her by suddenly shouting "What am I doing? But what am I doing?" in the middle of the night - I had half woken up and to my horror my arms were outstretched straight up into the air and I could not work out where I was or even if I was vertical or horizontal myself, or how to get my arms back down. For a while I thought gravity had gone wrong. I was just looking at my hands up there in the air and shouting in fear. Kris said crossly: "Yes, what ARE you doing there???"
I think I was possibly trying to grab that floating sock monkey and finish it.
Today I have shoulder cramps nd I worry I might have slept with my arms sticking straight up into the air for ages before waking up.
Alexis, meanwhile, heard someone walking all through the house, but no on was there.
I don't know what's going on, there must be a new noise in the neighborhood making us dream, it's hard to tell in a noisy town.

Anyway, I'm doing my expense accounts now, and then I'll send off for some "Linux Inside" stickers to stick on all the computers I've fixed up lately. Am looking forward to peeling off the Microsoft ones.


alex milway said...

I think as soon as you invite a sock monkey into your house, the troubles begin.

I think my sock monkey and my cuddly Totoro toy have formed an evil pact! They look like they're up to no good, sat next to each other!

An said...

I've been having some weird sock monkey-dreams myself lately. Hm.

Laura San Roman said...

so scary!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yep, definitely time for some Socksorcism, no more monkeys this month!

Sarah said...

Oh, my, a sock monkey haunting! That's rather exciting!