Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am still preparing my Very First Lecture. Today I scanned and photographed pages and roughs of the books... I keep remembering more stuff that I would like to show, I think tomorrow will be devoted to editing the whole thing back down again!
I really enjoy looking at these roughs (except sometimes I find some fun thing that got chopped and think awwww, I'd have preferred it that way)

Here's a rough from Timothy and the Strong Pyjamas, showing that I tend to grab whatever paper is to hand when I work things out, and here the Original Bear, from when I was still arguing that it was important that the Bear be a Proper Wild Dangerous Bear.


We changed him into a teddybear eventually so as to not scare the kids, except with claws, the claws were important for the plot. I will, however, put a big proper bear into a book soon, just you wait.

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