Monday, January 26, 2009

The week has definitely started.

Uch, yawn. I dreamed stone spaceships shaped like upside-down church spires were landing everywhere and out poured gibbon-like aliens that incinerated all. Then I got up and forgot AGAIN that we'd had a plumber around to fix the water pressure (was a trickle, could now be used to break up demonstrations) and when I turned on the tap to fill the percolator I soaked myself, AGAIN.
So I decided to really make an effort for joy and took my penny bank to the counting machine, shook it 'til my arms hurt and got enough cash back to buy ingredients for a spicy noodle soup at the Chinese Supermarket. And that's what I will cook now while the black ink is drying on my comic. With pounded lemongrass and incredibly fine rings of bird-eye chillies. And the noodles cooked seprarately. Yes.

I think something's gone wrong with the white ink, it's too viscous... it was like that when I first opened it though... I wonder if I can just add some water... does anyone have recommendations on brands of white ink? Must be opaque on black.

1 comment:

Swati said...

1. your imagination, even in dreams, is wonderfully fantastic
2. those noodles are making my mouth water
3. have been leaving such quirky comments all over the place: hope you are not bugged; it is all your fault for getting these ideas in my head anyway ;)