Thursday, January 8, 2009

Waiting for the ink to dry

Hooray! Dave Shelton drew a budgerigar because I asked him to.
That's just the sort of thing I needed just then... I'm waiting for some ink to dry on a page of drawings of thistles which I want to scan and turn into a wallpaper pattern in the background of a comic panel. It's something that tends to happen when I need to draw a proper illustration, with backgrounds and all. First I add a table somewhere in the picture and draw bottles and vases on it to suggest there's a room, with stuff in it. Then I spend the rest of the day making a wallpaper pattern, tiling it digitally and tracing it off. That's to suggest to myself I know what I'm doing... it feels very professional. Sometimes I make a pattern for the clothes people are wearing, too. I like making patterns. The thistle wallpaper is to suggest discomfort in a drawing of a cold bedroom, incidentally. While I was drawing it, I didn't notice that the studio somehow warmed up. There's an awful sort of a cold creeping in through the floorboards sometimes, depending on how the wind blows.

I'm also happily listening to some sad beautiful music I got in the post from Norway, and I am very pleased with myself for still sticking with my New Year resolution about having a tasty salad for lunch every day. Today I had one with almonds scattered on top, and I read the paper while eating it instead of fiddling about with work.
It's a melancholy winter day, this... it's very nice.

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