Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moonpie gets a Letter

Yesterday I got some mail from America.
"Ha! Fan mail!" I said. And it was.
Except the letter wasn't actually to me. It's to Moonpie, the blue skinny cat in "There are Cats in this Book". A nice young girl was offering: "if you don't have a family you can come live with us".
She included a series of drawings that spilled out of the envelope...

"the ocean without a beach"

"This is the beach."

Now luckily Moonpie is alive and well in Cornwall, here she is: I will forward the letter to her, in case she wants to relocate in her old age.
There's also a picture of "Moonpie waterskiing with a blimp", which would convince anyone to retire to warmer climates.


alex milway said...

Maybe Moonpie could just visit for a holiday?

Viviane Schwarz said...

Well, she's a house-cat... waterskiing would sure broaden her horizons!