Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kittens in Handbags

Today I'll be making a lot of small drawings with my new brush-pen and then turn them into greetings card material, hopefully. If I manage to sell some I'll buy an internet radio for the studio. Mm.

handbag doodles

Kittens in handbags seem a safe bet.

I'm using a brush pen that Dave Shelton gave me when he visited last week... and a sketchbook I bought when I looked at his sketchbook and decided I need a proper sketchbook, filled with loads and loads of sketches. The kind of book you just doodle in all the time. Yes. Brush pens are great, I'd forgotten about them - means I can draw brush-draw stuff somewhere that's not my desk and not worry about ink spillages.

1 comment:

Alex Milway said...

that cat second from the left looks like my milo.

These are great. Everyone will want one