Saturday, January 31, 2009

Feeling Human Again

Oof. Hello world!
I've not been quite myself this winter... it's been impossible to stop thinking about work. Some weeks ago the doctor told me to start listening to classical music urgently, and take some time off before I'd keel over. But I just couldn't stop planning talks and workshops and novels and comics in-between painting and drawing and writing new work... anyway, I got a mean cold some days ago and yesterday I finally gave up and told myself to stay in bed and read a book. I'd not managed to read anything for fun since November or so, I just found myself re-reading the same page over and over again while thinking of work.
And you wouldn't believe how good I feel now, even though I'm coughing a lot. I hope I'll remember, and that I'll allow myself some regular time off work now...
It's weird how something so fun - making up stories in words and pictures - can get so grating when you Never Stop.

Well... back to work now :)

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