Saturday, January 10, 2009

Digital Rot

I am spending this week-end tracking down all my old digital image files - ten years' worth of scanned sketches, small illustrations and files to do with book projects. I've set myself up with a big pot of tea, and spread all my CDs over a table so I can pick them easier (it's the sort of work that needs musical accompaniment, I find).

lots of music

Something strange is happening to some of my old files - it's a bit worrying. I'm going through backups from an older computer, and all the jpegs are curtailed somehow... like they are starting to unravel at the bottom. They all look like this:

Some of the old photoshop files have layers missing - with strange effects, one that I opened had lost all the eyeballs, so the characters had ghostly empty sockets.
No major losses so far, but it is a bit... worrying.

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