Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend things

Some things I did this weekend... knit more teeth for the Morsicant: he exists now, if just as a mouth so far, I would say. And he's going to be HUGE when he's finished. Argh.


I must hurry up because I want tos ee what he looks like so I can draw him for a short comic (on the theme of biting things) I also need to work out how to cover his back in spines.

I also threw out a lot of cosmetics I never use - like nice-smelling shower gel and shampoo that I have decided are responsible for me feeling itchy all over. I "forgot" them at the local pool and got some soap-free perfume-free stuff instead...

And now I am cooking the third cabbage stew in a row. I love cabbage. I love stew. I love cabbage stew.

Oh, I must post something much more important, hang on...

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