Friday, December 26, 2008

That went well!

I can see the nose of a mouse poking out between the floorboards by my desk. I think it's smelled the Christmas Chocolates.
I ate a load of leftovers, felt completely happy and warm and stuffed and fell asleep for hours, and now my stomach hurts a bit and I am declaring the festive break from work over. I'll huddle up with my notebook with a bit and scribble down some ideas for the new comic I'll be starting next year, and I'll check over my diary to see if all my plans are actually physically possible without warping space-time and endangering the Universe.
I got only brilliant presents this year. I think it's because there were less of them. Somehow people gave me a complete kit for a brilliant day with all the things I could need to be happy - my landlady gave me a pack of fine coffee with a beautiful large cup, my flatmate gave me my very own fake fur trimmed parka so I can stop borrowing his (it's my size and all!) and a jar of artichokes, and my mother gave me prettifying things and generally I got tasty food - and lovely surprises from abroad - and an embroidery set featuring the sleepless princess on the pea which I can mindlessly work on when I get bouts of insomnia. I feel completely cared for all round now! And I even very surprisingly was put in charge of the goose, last minute... but thankfully that is one task I have been trained well for by my gran and my mum, and I trussed it and cooked it and roasted it and glazed it and grilled it and it came out shiny and brown and tender and tasty. I am particularly proud since the cleaning lady some time ago scoured all the temperatures off the oven, so I had to work out for myself where 170C would have sat on the dial. - I am not very good at cooking meat, I think it's because I feel too guilty - no meal seems to be so much better than veg to me to really, really warrant a dead animal, but when someone hands me a whole dead goose I feel like it is incredibly important to make the greatest effort and get it as close to being worth-while as I can, and that overrides all else and I just get into some sort of slightly disturbing ritualistic mind-set for the next four hours.

Off to do some drawing now.


warriorgrrl said...

That does sound like a marvellous Christmas, I'm so pleased you had a nice time :) I am making New Year my nice time this holiday, can't wait to get back to town...

Viviane Schwarz said...

It was! :)
Oh, New Year... I almost forgot. I'll go up to Scotland again and celebrate in a cosy sort of a way. Wish I didn't have so much work to do beforehand... hope yours will be excellent!