Friday, December 12, 2008


Just signed a stack of books at Hatchards on Piccadilly, which is a nice old shop... one of the books had a torn jacket, so I put an extra cat on it so they wouldn't have to send it back to be destroyed (seems harsh, just for a ripped dust jacket).


Then I bought some Sushi from the Japan Center and ambled back home, losing my way somewhat and ambling through Whitehall, which I put down to sleep deprivation. It's not the worst place to get lost, it's kind of fun to turn a corner and suddenly face a palace guard on horseback (well, face the horse, really) or find myself in Scotland Yard or, in this case, on a bench in St James Park, watching the Pelicans and drinking hot Miso soup and having squirrels peer over my shoulder to see if there were any croutons perhaps maybe.

I am a bit tired because I saw a lovely Christmas performance by Matthew last night and then had to run across the City of London like a mad thing to catch the last train, and lost my way twice in the dark, and... but that's all a bit boring really, except for the performance, I'll blog about that properly later.

I think I'll have a snooze now and then go and buy drinks and cupcake ingredients for the Monday launch.

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Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

The kid who buys the book with the little rip in the jacket will be Charlie and his golden ticket to the chocolate factory.