Saturday, December 20, 2008

Plans and Birds

I just put more birds into the Christmas tree... my parents sent a box of glass birds including a parrot, and Alexis' mum brought a box of yellow little birds from today's Christmas shopping. Now I have fulfilled my ambition of decorating a whole Christmas tree with nothing but lights and birds. And bells on the lower branches.
There's a new chocolate shop across the road that I shall hit tomorrow for a round of extra presents... they have the most exciting flavours, last time I spent a long time just tasting tiny chocolate slivers.

I am also putting together all sorts of samples... next year I am applying for a part time job (or some) doing workshops and such, so I need a portfolio at last. I'm just getting a bit bored doing all my work at the same desk by myself, really, even if it involves grand voyages of the mind and invisible friends. I want to go out using my legs and work with visible people now and then.
But first - a big plate of tasty pasta.

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