Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Milky Eye Moonpie

Last night I finished the cat I started knitting in the Bookshop - I cheated a bit and didn't follow the pattern completely, made the limbs a bit shorter and gave it a paunch, and then Alexis' mother rooted through her button collection to find some eye buttons - and found a chipped old cat eye and a gold rimmed, milky button... so now instead of giving this guy away for Christmas, as planned, I am keeping him for myself, because I am greedy, and I want to make outfits and hats for him now, and an eyepatch.

One Eyed Cat

I'll be off to the V&A in a bit to do some drawing and thinking - I bound a lovely new sketchbook for the occasion, all sorts of paper in a leather cover. Hang on, I'll show you...

desk today

so there ought to be some drawings to show soon.

I changed the studio around yesterday, which is a great improvement (as always). I think there are people who get unsettled when anything around them is moved at home, and who like to keep it all the same all the time, and people who get frightened if the furniture stays in the same place when the seasons change. I'm the second kind. So yesterday I stripped the big pin-board completely and got rid of one of my tables because it wasn't useful any more, but just collecting clutter.
It's funny about things staying and things changing, isn't it, I've never been able to work out some basic stuff in my life, like when the best time to work is, when one should eat a big cooked meal (Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Midnight?) and where clothes go if they aren't clean any more but also not dirty yet (on your chair, someone told me. What?? All of them??? Where am I supposed to sit???) I am in awe on all the people who can say: "I am in the habit of taking my breakfast of grilled tomatoes at seven thirty" or "I always finish what I start" or "One doesn't wear tights after sun-down" whatever happens in the world... they say once you lay down the rules it kind of runs itself, but how? I've sometimes tried to acquire habits I like, like listening to classical music before bed, and tried to stick with it until the soothing joy of repetition kicks in, but I never manage. I can't even explain to myself convincingly that nights are for sleeping and days are for everything else. Hey, maybe that's the way to break my insomnia, stay up until I'm actually tired...

Never mind, I am rambling, off to town to look at treasures!


Russet said...

Lol I know what you mean about being a person where everything changes.....you described my life and I sense a great deal of pleasure sneaking up on me when I enjoy this kind living pattern. I am sure this is the paradise on earth talked about by old people in their poems, when they look back and voice the regrets for how they wanted to live their lives. Love your new sketch book and hope it is as tasty for new work as it looks.

Swati said...

There is a poem by Ogden Nash about such people, people who pay their bills on time and have everything in the right drawers... People whose life is well organized along lines which need no adjusting from day to day. Needless to say I am not one of those, and so, have lost the poem, even its name! I'd be glad to read it once more though :)