Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The launch went well! I had a great time and was very happy that the whole team from Walker books could make it.
I handed out some badges to some kids who seemed to rather like them (and to grown-ups who did, too). I knitted a whole cat (minus arms and tail admittedly) while still managing to chat - I was a bit worried that it seems a bit rude to meet nice new people and knit at them, but all in all it seemed to make sense. I was very glad that friends old and new turned up, too, so there was a grand mix of people who make words, pictures, music, theatre and all sorts of art. And Gus the dog, who is a particularly lovely dog. It's his shop, really, he lives there. I hope he had a good time too, what with not being allowed any cupcakes.
Thank you everyone! My first ever launch went well and I am happy!

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