Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Kind of Person You Are

Years ago, an ex-boyfriend of mine who had a knack for saying things like this told me: "Since we broke up, I have discovered a lot about myself. Like that I am the kind of man who likes his coffee with cream."
I didn't say "You never complained about the foamed spit", or "What's wrong with lard then?"
I probably said "Well that's Great!"
The point being - all my adult life I've been the sort of person who likes her coffee with cream. No self-discovery needed there. Yet, I also always have been the sort of person who is deeply grateful when she manages to get a clean cup, boiling water and a spoonful of instant in the same place in the morning. The thing is, the kind of person you are isn't so much about what you enjoy, but about what you actually manage to keep stocked in your life. Which in my case definitely is not cream.

This morning I was drinking some of the lovely coffee I got for Christmas from the lovely cup I got also with the last bit of milk from the fridge, and I thought about what sort of person to try and be next year by way of self-improvement, and I decided to be the sort of person who keeps milk and cereal stocked so I can be the sort of person who has breakfast.


Fr√łydis said...

Ah! That sounds good! :)

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yay! I shall have a better fed 2009!