Wednesday, December 3, 2008




Last night's character drawings... new Hamster-based project, you see.


alex milway said...

they're wonderful! and they look like they're up to no good too

Viviane Schwarz said...

Am thinking about making the round one into a badge now... very excited about badges suddenly :)

Jennifer said...

Adorable! I broke down and bought my daughter a dwarf hamster a few weeks ago (like we need more rodents around here?!) It IS very cute, though. :-)

Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

I love the phrase "hamster based project"! I'll try to post this hamster ball video I saw on youtube ahile back when I was researching what hamsters looked like in those plastic ball thingies.

schmemma said...

i do like these favourite is the one in the bottom right of the first picture..he looks sneaky..

..on a different note, i am slightly sad - went looking for a wonderful post you did ages ago about morning people and non-morning people, so that i could get my boyfriend (a definite morning person..although i think you might have had better terms for them than that) to read it and be more considerate of me
(a definite non-morning person)..i had, however, completely forgotten that your blog got eaten and you had to start

Viviane Schwarz said...

Oh I am glad you like the little guys, makes me feel good about the book they'll be in (which is the one Alexis wrote).

Sorry about the lost old post! I remember that one actually - I try and rant as little as possible but I've noticed that whenever I do I make new friends :D
I had a morning person boyfriend, I remember how he used to be upset about my mood before I was even aware that I was awake, probably because I talk in my sleep.
Now I have a morning person flatmate, and his only rule is that I must not attempt to do anything in the kitchen before I'm completely awake because I just knock everything over blindly and mumble-swear like a sleepwalker... my own rule since morning-boyfriend is that I tell people not to attempt to communicate with me before coffee, or else accept that they are talking to a purely brain-stem controlled creature who won't remember a thing they said and quite possibly snarl.