Monday, December 8, 2008

Granny Squares and Nostrils

SO yesterday I decided to cover the Morsicant puppet completely in crocheted squares instead of stripes. Remembered that craftycrafty posted a link to a granny square tutorial... wouldn't you agree that these make great "scales" for a toothsome yet cuddly monster?

And today I find I have so much work stuff lined up that isn't actually drawing that I could stop drawing NOW and still have work to do for the whole week, so instead - I will be drawing stuff today before I forget how! - I just got invited to maybe do a talk somewhere, which would be my first proper talk, so that is frightening and best ignored for today! In fact I have been crocheting most of the insides of the nostrils of the Morsicant while trying hard to ignore prospects of a 45 minute talk about my work in the near future. Harrgh.

1 comment:

alex milway said...

you'll be great at the talk - just show them pictures of your knitted cats, and they'll think your fabulous.