Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Morning!

Strange days I am having! Not sleeping much, writing loads of biographies and blurbs and trying to work out what pictures to send to people who ask for "just some pictures" and in-between the phone rings and people tell me "your book was mentioned on radio 4"! And I get emails telling me about Christmas roundups my books have been included in or asking me to give lectures and workshops and it is all very strange and exciting, and keeps me awake at night... and I realised that I am almost unable to stay away from the computer now, the source of all these exciting and important news, I keep worrying that I might forget to reply or reply badly due to sleep deprivation... so yesterday I hid out at my friend Ellan's house and we walked in the park, listened to Christmas music by the tree and admired the kittens. And I slept more or less soundly from one thirty to eight, for the first time in a month or so, which is like an early Christmas present. There is hope this blog will resume featuring drawings and happy thoughts about other things besides reviews now!

Oh, by the way, it was Emily Gravett who mentioned me as her first pick of Children's book of the year... I am very happy.
And "Timothy and the Strong Pajamas" was just listed one of best picture books of the year in The Washington Post. And the Glasgow herald printed a double spread from the cat book. And Alex Milway blogged nice things about my launch and so did Sarah McIntyre. I hope to meet up with them and draw things and chat next year.
So that's what makes my head buzz. And now I will turn the computer off more or less until Christmas so I can recover!

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