Saturday, December 13, 2008

Experimental Eyelashes

I'm not sure I'll be keeping those lashes on. And I should have waited a bit before stitching on the crumpely eye-doilies, now I feel there should be a stack of doilies behind the eyes. Might have to un-stitch some. But anyway, here is the very non-threatening beast so far. He really needs ears and some tassels.


There's no way I'll finish the whole thing (blanket body and all) for the exhibition, but I've decided that I'll try and draw the comic it goes with this weekend. He'll be fine half-finished anyway since the story is about him being made. Also I don't think I'll put him up for sale, I wouldn't want to sell him unfinished. I'll sell the comic though!

I realised this week that my decision to do public appearances in the coming year (despite the fact I always go blank when more than two people look at me at the same time) means writing an amazing range of Biographies and CVs tailored to each event, to go into catalogues and such. I still feel like I want to write a new one every time, so I have this growing file of biographies of mine, it's quite frightening, like living with an invisible famous person who has done all these assorted weird things, I can't quite believe that's actually me because I feel like all I ever do is have coffee and then tidy up and do some stuff inbetween, but over the decades that stuff really has added up to... something. SO anyway... 2009 should bring assorted workshops, lectures and events for me, and I hope I'll do them well... I'll definitely try my very best!

Which reminds me, I must find out if we can have mulled wine at the launch/signing on Monday. The shop is quite small and I think people would want to hang out in the lovely outside area a bit and clutch a hot Christmassy drink...

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