Sunday, November 23, 2008

Come to Crystal Palace, get yourself a book full of Cats - signed!

This is to announce that next Saturday, the 29th of November, I can be found at The Bookseller Crow, Crystal Palace, London. I'll turn up at eleven-ish and stay over lunchtime and see how it goes, and I will be drinking cups of tea, knitting a stripy Moonpie cat and signing any copies of "There are Cats in this Book" which you may care to purchase there and then. It's not quite a signing, more a presence. I'm told that there is also a Christmas Market going on in the area that day, so why not visit and do a bit of Christmas shopping?
You can also pick up a free cat knitting pattern, and if you add a few balls of wool to a signed book you'll have a fully interactive multimedia present!

They have already been busy knitting at the shop - just look at this superfurry Andre!!


alex milway said...

I'm so annoyed I can't pop up to see you - I'm going to make sure the Bookseller man puts a signed copy aside for me.

I had a play with this Andre on Saturday, and he's adorable!

(I'm hoping I'll have finished all the Mice and will have managed to stick them up in the bookshop window too!)

Viviane Schwarz said...

I am really looking forward to seeing all the mice!!!

Well, Crystal palace isn't that far away, I might drop by more often... I have a hunch it might be a nice change from going to Croydon to shop... :)