Monday, November 10, 2008

Videogames make me a better person

You know how they always say videogames teach you bad stuff?
I just went to the local supermarket to get a packet of loo roll. I wanted recycled, but as cheap as possible, but they'd gone and stacked that on the top of the high shelf, and two packets high. I could just reach the lower edge of the bottom packet (am quite short and get this a lot). I stopped to think, and noticed that there was a little old lady standing next to me who had exactly the same facial expression as me, which made me think she probably had the same problem (already a strange thought).
What happened then I can only put down to having played "Little Big Planet" on the PS3 a lot for the last three days.
I kind of bounced up, grabbed the low packet, caught them both as they came down, and handed one to the old lady.
She laughed and said "That was great! Thank you!"
I walked off to get some vegetables and thought: That was so not what I would have done if I'd thought about it for a moment.


Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

HA! that's a great story...I can just see the expression you two were making in my head ...

Joel Stewart said...

I presume you know, but it case not, you know that Rex designed LittleBigPlanet!