Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I just inserted the first teeth into the mouth of the Morsicant.


I also bought a bed-tent, and put it up. Here it is.

bed tent

I wonder how it is that when we are small we get to have things like bed tents to hide out in, but when we grow up we're supposed to stop that sort of thing. Why? Because you're supposed to want a house really badly? And we might all end up happily living in a box each in one big house and collapse the economy? (Hey...hang on...) - I get unhappy if I can't sometimes sit under a table or in a cupboard. It helps me think. If a lot is going on in the world I sometimes don't notice that I am thinking the same thing over and over. It is very easy, for example, to see the world passing by through a train window and count up everything I don't like about somebody I haven't seen in years over and over again. But when nothing is going on at all, for example because I am inside a cupboard at the time,that sort of thing becomes excruciatingly and obviously boring.
If you get stuck writing a story at your table, I do recommend relocating to underneath it for a bit.
But I don't insist.


Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

It's a funny thing. It's interesting too how, depending on where you grow up, that you may beed a certain type of landscape to feel comfortable...like for example, if you grew up in a forested place and then you move to the desert- you may feel very exposed all of the time. I think children partly like small spaces because it's the scale of the space- the world isn't really their size...I see how it could be very comforting to be under the table or in a closet- I'll have to give it a try.

Tom said...

New Scientist recently had quite a large article on this very subject (not the sitting under tables, the needing quiet time to think).

Dee said...

It goes for dogs, too. It's some throwback to the primitive, cave-dwelling days.

When I can't sleep, I'll put my feet where I normally rest my head. Works like a charm! A little change does wonders.

I think everyone should have a special little niche where your mind is at peace. It just makes sense!

(I plan on buying that same tent-bed for my little boy in the spring. His room has a forest theme.)

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hi Tom! What did they say in the New Scientist? I missed that one..

I think you're right, Steph - I grew up with a forest on the back doorstep most of the time, so what I want to hear to feel like the world is right is trees murmuring and now and then a car passing. - The worst place (for me) I ever slept was my then boyfriend's mum's place out in the countryside, or maybe it was the moors or something, featureless anyhow. It was SILENT... I kept waking up and thinking the world had ended, and in the day I freaked out constantly because I couldn't buy food or get a phone signal. The landscape was officially lovely, and I hated it with a passion and felt it was trying to kill me with cliffs and quick-sand, and I got weird headaches from looking that far into the distance (and stress, probably). I need a good lot of trees to be happy...

Hello Dee!
This tent is great, but it's designed to clip on a certain model bedframe and doesn't quite say so loudly on the pack... I had to modify the "feet" a bit.

I remember our dog used to always need something to hide under for part of the day, it's true...

I find I do most of my best writing, drawing and thinking when I visit other people, at those times when there's nothing at all to do because it's not my house and they are busy doing something else... sadly most of my London friends don't have the sort of space now where you can just sit in a corner somewhere out of the way because the flats are so small... I could imagine having my own small proper room just for thinking one day, that would be nice! Mm...

Swati said...

I like your idea of sitting under the table. Even if I am not writing, it might be good to try it once and see how fascinating it once was. And then perhaps I can be a better friend to my child too.