Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I just got today's post and a phone call from my sister simultaneously. In the phone call, my sister told me that my nephews really want the latest wrestling video game but are absolutely getting something more wholesome. In the post, I got a five disc DVD box of "The Legend of Tiger Mask", and "AAA when Worlds collide". I think it is a good thing in a way that I live in a different country from these guys, else we'd all be bouncing around like lunatics shouting "I think I'm cute! I know I'm sexy! I got the Looks! That drive the girls WILD! I got the moves! That really move them..." I mean, not on purpose, I just enjoy doing the washing up more when I can pretend to be Shawn Michaels at the same time. It probably is unhealthy.

So now I have to run off to a day packed with strange PR activities, hooray! I got the moves, that really... er, sorry. See ya!

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