Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stone Foxes

Hello my native English speaking friends... can you help me out with something here? I have started to google some of the made-up expressions I am using liberally in the book I'm writing, and as expected things that sound interesting mean all the wrong things already.
Now the main thing is: would you say that "Stone Fox" these days primarily means
- A very foxy lady
- The title of a classic kids' novel (and film)
- Sounds like a native Indian sort of name to me
- Oh my Goodness! That's so RUDE! I'll tell you in an email, don't for goodness sake use that expression ever!

And also, if I use the expression "The Promised City" in a Fantasy context, will I unwittingly be talking about New York, Jerusalem or some other specific place and annoy a whole lot of people without meaning to?

Thanks... I just want to know if I have to change these early on, and if I can use "Pebble Stone Fox" as a working title...


Dave Shelton said...

"Stone fox" would primarily mean a very attractive woman to me, especially if said in an American accent. But I don't think it's such a deeply embedded phrase that you would have a problem if your story was about a fox made of stone.

"Promised City" doesn't suggest anywhere in particular to me (I could suggest some places as Unpromising Cities though).

Viviane Schwarz said...

Brilliant, thank you! That's what I was hoping... It's about foxes worshiping stones (erm... yeah).