Monday, November 3, 2008

NaNoWriMo morning day 3

I actually had some fairly decent sleep last night, which was amazing... until suddenly there was this mighty crash and I woke up in the dark and couldn't fall asleep again, and then the flashing lights were on my shutters, and I did take a look and saw that someone had crashed into the side of a delivery van and split it right open. It's an accient-prone corner, this, and by now I don't wake up thinking WHAT??? any more, but "That sounded like a bin in the road again" or "uh oh, someone got the street-light", and most of the time "Phew, didn't hit the house".
Anyway, it was six in the morning, and I couldn't really sleep very much more, and so now I am NaNoWRiMo-writing already. Just logged last night's words, and noticed they have this widget:

where I can check (or show off) how well I did every day in the month, hah, funny. Except at the moment it is just plain lying.

Anyway, back to writing more words now.

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